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We are an unlimited licensed North Carolina General Contractor specializing in energy efficient custom home construction as well as home remodeling. We are proud to be one of the few Energy Smart home builders in the country. Riverbanks knows todays home buyer expects a much more comfortable, healthier, energy efficient home than may have been needed in the past and we are proud to offer you the solutions you are looking for.



When we decided to build a new home in New Bern, we knew we wanted to build a very energy efficient home. Charles Dees was recommended to us by our realtor. He is a certified green builder and came with extremely favorable references. When we met and talked with Charles about our ideas, we knew he was the right builder for our home. Charles is very easy going, extremely honest and was forth right with us in every aspect of the project. Our house received a Five Stars Plus Home Energy Rating Certificate with a confirmed HERS Index of 49. The certificate estimates an annual energy cost of $1,376. After tracking our costs for our first year, we did better than the estimate by $175 with an average monthly cost of $100.12 for all our electricity, heating and cooling!   We have a very beautiful, extremely energy efficient home and we highly recommend Charles Dees!
Paul and Sally Kiely
We are fortunate to provide cutting-edge home design for several Hi-Performance builders and Charles is right up there with the nation’s best. With homes rating in the top 100th of 1%, in terms of energy efficiency, Riverbanks Construction customers enjoy the lowest energy bills available. Charles’s homes are as good as it gets.
Dave Jenkins
Energy Smart Home Plans Owner/Designer

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