There are many things you can do to make a home more energy efficient that adds very little to the overall cost of construction, such as building the home tighter and air sealing where ever possible. There are also categories of improvements that do have added cost; however, they have a relatively short payback period. Using some of the newer types of insulation is more expensive than using traditional batt fiberglass insulation, but is a better insulator and will decrease heating and cooling costs. This is an evaluation process that every new homeowner needs to go through. We have the knowledge and understanding to help you make these decisions.

Yes. I have an NC Unlimited Building License #63110.

The primary focus of my business is custom, residential home building and remodeling. I have begun to focus on “Energy Smart” homes. Some of our homes are some of the most energy efficient in the country.

There are many pieces to the energy efficient puzzle.  Here are a few of the things Riverbanks does to give you the most energy efficient home. It really begins at the design stage. We have many home plans to choose from in the HOUSE PLANS section of our site. All of these homes have been designed with energy efficiency in mind. If you don’t see a plan you like we can offer design services to meet your needs and keep energy efficiency as a driving factor. We have a building science engineer design the optimum HVAC configuration for your new home based on our unique climate zone. We recommend 2”x6” exterior wall construction so we can increase the R-Value of insulation above code minimums and to better handle our climate zone. We use unique methods to air seal your new home to insure that the heat and cooling you are paying for is staying in your home and not escaping outside the thermal barrier. These are just a few of the methods we use to give you one of the most energy efficient homes in the country.

Yes, and they seem to change daily. Visit www.dsireusa.org to learn about the current North Carolina and federal incentives. Consult your tax advisor about the availability of any specific tax credits to you.

There are certainly many builders in the area to choose from. We are one of the few builders that focus on “High Performance” building in our area. With energy prices at all-time highs, and predicted to raise even higher, energy efficiency is more important now than ever before. We are currently building some the most energy efficient homes in the country.

It is a federal, Department of Energy program that was established to promote a higher level of energy efficiency. In fact, by definition, Energy Star homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to current building code standards. For more details on this program, visit the Energy Star website at www.energystar.gov.  Most of our homes far exceed Energy Star standards.

Building codes are established to give builders the minimum acceptable level allowed, or in other words, the worst possible construction method allowed by law. Is this an acceptable level to build? Yes: it is where many contractors are building today. Is this where you want to be? This is a personal decision Riverbanks Construction can help you with. Given our current cost of energy, Riverbanks Construction recommends you consider building an energy efficient home.